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Please be advised that requests for 2nd Carts for Residential Homes are free up to June 30, 2014 only and will not be delivered until possibly November 2014.  If anyone needs a cart please have them contact the county. 

Residents will find information and advice on the County’s webpage at co.burlington.nj.us/singlestream, and can order a CART by calling (609) 499-1001, or emailing recycle@co.burlington.nj.us.  

ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS:     Important Recycling Information


This fall, the County will be launching "Single Stream" recycling. This means that you will be able to put paper, cardboard, bottles and cans into your blue wheeled paper cart.  You will stop using your old recycling "bucket" and just use your wheeled cart. If your family fills your blue cart and your recycling bucket every collection, you may need an extra cart. If you haven't already ordered one, email recycle@co.burlington.nj.us or call 609-499-1001 for order information by June 30, 2014.



Single Stream Recycling is Targeted to Start in May 2014 - The County wants help you prepare!  As you may know, In May 2014 most Burlington County residents will be able to put all their recyclables (cans, bottles, paper and cardboard) into that one big blue cart which, is now used for paper and cardboard only.  When we go single stream, recycling will still be collected every other week.  Single stream is convenient, increases recycling volume and saves money.  But it is critically important the County know whether our residents have the recycling containers they will need.  To learn more visit www.burlcorecycles.com .

To recap what we previously sent, the commercial message simply says that Single Stream Recycling is coming next spring and, if you need a 2nd cart, contact the County Recycling Office.  It lists our phone number 609-499-1001 and a web address that will link directly to a Single Stream Recycling Info Page and cart order form.    www.burlcorecycles.com


That page explains what single steam is and that we know that some homes may need a 2nd or larger cart. 

After reviewing the information, if they think they need a 2nd cart, they are instructed to click on a “cart order form” and place an order for a 2nd or larger cart.

(the larger carts are only for homes that have either 48 or 64 gallon sizes now).  Only one extra cart can be ordered.


If they call our office, they will be able to place their cart order via live operator Monday-Friday - 9am-5pm.  (except Monday’s Holiday)


The County intends to fund the cost of the extra carts for the orders that we receive through the time when we launch single stream. 


Each town will still need to keep an inventory of carts to handle lost or stolen carts, etc. and it is still your responsibility to make sure that everyone who needs a cart, has one.


We are still working out the logistics of how we will get the carts to the specific addresses but we are finding many are willing to pick up from a “central location in town”.


We’ll have more details at the meeting on Sept. 12th


Letters explaining the ad and program should be emailed out to your mayor and committee by tomorrow, via municipal clerks, with a copy to you.


If you haven’t yet, please check out the website.   www.burlcorecycles.com  that links directly to Single Stream Recycling Page.


Make sure your staff, especially phone staff, know what’s going on.

Please make sure they understand that:


Residents who never received a cart or need a replacement cart now, or want a smaller cart now, will be directed to call their municipality.

Recycling Electronic Waste

Goodwill has partnered with the Public Works Department to collect Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

The NJ Department of Environmental Protection is preparing an outreach campaign to alert and educate the public about the requirements of the law.  As of January 1, 2011 you will be prohibited from transporting "covered electronic devices".  Covered devices include televisions, computers, monitors and portable laptops as per the the Electronic Waste Management Act NJSA 13:1E-99.et.seq.

Any questions can be directed to Dana Lawson of the Bureau of recycling and Planning by email at Dana.Lawson@dep.state.nj.us or by telephone at 609-984-3438.

The Maple Shade Public Works Department has partnered with Goodwill to accept these items from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday - Friday.


Recycling Brochures are available at the Maple Shade Township Receptionist area. These brochures outline what can be recycled and what days your recycling is picked up. To have one mailed, please call 856-779-9610 ext 0.

Recycling Information

Recycling information can also be found on the Burlington County Website.