Community Development FAQ

1. Do I need permits for fencing: Yes


Please submit a survey showing where your fence will be placed, how high and what type of fence you are proposing.


2. Do I need permits to extend my driveway: Yes


Please submit a survey showing where you are extending your driveway and how far you will have to your property line.


3. Do we inspect rental properties: No


4. Do we inspect resales of existing homes: No


The Fire Department does inspect sump pumps and smoke and carbon monoxide devices prior to settlement.


5. Do I need permits for an above ground pool: Yes


Please visit the construction department and they will give you all the necessary documents to fill out.

How do I get copies of minutes and agendas?


Please email the Director and/or file an OPRA request with the Receptionist or the Clerk.


6. How much will my permit cost?


The Technical Assistant will calculate the costs of your permit based on the work you are doing. The Permit gets paid prior to release.


7. Where do I make a complaint about someone working without a permit?


You can email the Director; send a letter to the Township or call.


8. Do I need permission to run a business from my home: Yes


A business license is required prior to operating any type of business from your home.


9. Do I need permits or approvals to start a business when the use is the same as the previous use? Yes


You must contact the Director and she will guide you through the process prior to opening a business.


10. Sale of Home / Rentals

Maple Shade Township does not require a C.O. inspection for sale of home or rentals. Only inspection needed is by the fire department. Contact 856-779-1335 ext. 107 to request inspection for smoke detectors, carbon monoxide and sump pumps (when applicable).


11. Sheds


Any shed constructed over 10 x 10 (100-sq ft.) needs a permit


12. Driveways and Sidewalks


A Permit is NOT needed for driveways and sidewalks as long as it is just a replacement. If changing size of either or apron it must be approved by the Zoning Officer.


13. Fences


A survey of your property with location of fence outlined needs to be dropped off to receptionist with your name and telephone number and the Zoning Officer will review and the office will get back to you.


14. Permit Costs


All permits need to be reviewed, approved and processed before the amount owed is calculated.