Maple Shade Municipal Court FAQ

  1. Is Maple Shade Twp handicap accessible?

Yes. If you will need additional assistance please contact the court prior to your appearance.

  1. I want to sign a complaint. How do I do this?

The Municipal Court accepts for filing all complaints. In order to sign a complaint for an offense that occurred within the jurisdiction of Maple Shade Twp. You need to come into the court office during regular business hours. You should have the following information with you:

Name and address of person whom you wish to sign against

Time & date of offense

Statute number which relates to the offense

License plate number & description of motor vehicle if you wish to sign a traffic summons

A brief description of the incident

  1. I need to change my court date. How do I do this?

You must call the court to request an adjournment. If you need the date changed due to a previously scheduled vacation or work/school conflict, documentation must be provided.

No adjournments are granted on the date that you are due to appear. In the case of an emergency documentation and/or a doctor’s note will be required.

Adjournments are not granted for arraignments on indictable matters or first appearances for serious motor vehicle summonses issued for DWI (39:4-50), driving while suspended (39:3-40) or uninsured motor vehicle (39:6B-2).

  1. What is mediation?

Mediation or CDR (citizen dispute resolution) is an alternative method for resolving disputes. A trained mediator is present to help the parties involved come to an agreement without the necessity of a municipal court trial.

The Judge decides what matters are appropriate for mediation. You may ask him to refer your case to Mediation on the day of your arraignment.

  1. I need an attorney but cannot afford one. Can I be represented by the public defender?

If you wish to be represented by the public defender you must make application for this through the Judge in the courtroom. In order to be eligible, you must be charged with a consequence of magnitude and your income must fall within the guidelines established. The Judge may require you to submit proof of your income. If approved there will be a fee assessed not to exceed $200.

  1. Can you recommend an attorney?

No. The court is not permitted to recommend an attorney. You may call the Burlington County Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.

  1. I received a subpoena to testify from your court. Do I have to appear?

Yes. A subpoena requires your appearance. The Judge may find you in contempt or issue a warrant for your arrest if you fail to appear.

  1. I received a legal notice indicating a change of court date, but never received an actual subpoena. Do I have to appear?

 If you wish to be heard by the court, then it is important you are there. Please keep in mind if the officer did not witness the accident then he/she cannot testify and may not be able to prove the state’s case without you.

  1. I have posted bail money. When can I get it back?

Bail is a guarantee that the defendant will appear at each court session as scheduled. If the defendant misses any session, the bail money may be forfeited.

Bail is returned when the case is completed. You may pick it up the day of  your court appearance or it will be mailed to you.

If you posted bail for someone else and you are allowing the money to be used toward the fines, the court needs verification in writing from you if you are not going to be there on the court date.

  1. I understand a warrant for arrest has been issued against me. What do I do?

You must post bail either at the Maple Shade Twp Court  or at your local police department. New court dates will not be given until bail is received in this office.

  1. The Judge said my fine was $100, why am I paying more?

Assessments are not limited to fines. There are mandatory assessments on disorderly person’s complaints. Court costs are $33, VCCB $50, SNSC $ 75 in addition to the “fine”.

  1. Why did the Judge order me to pay more than the amount indicated on the traffic summons?

The amounts indicated on the summonses are the amount due if paid through the violation bureau. The Judge has the discretion to increase or decrease this amount if you were heard in the courtroom.

  1. When does my ticket have to be paid by?

This ticket must be paid by the court date indicated on the bottom of your summons if you have not entered a not guilty plea.

  1. How many points does this ticket have?

All moving violations have points assessed by Motor Vehicle Services (formerly DMV). You may inquire with them at (609) 292-6500. The court does not assess points.

  1. The officer said I could pay this ticket. Why do I have to appear in court?

Only the violations listed on the Statewide Violations Bureau Schedule are payable without a court appearance as long as the officer did not check off the “court appearance required” box on the bottom of your ticket.

  1. I would like to plead guilty to a lesser charge. What do I do?

You must call the court to enter a not guilty plea. We will schedule your case to be heard in court. On the day of your appearance speak to the prosecutor.

  1. My driver’s license was suspended because I did not pay my ticket. How do I take care of this?

You must contact the court to find out the amount due. After you pay the ticket you will have to take your receipt to DMV. They will assess you a $100 penalty to reinstate your driving privilege.

  1. How may I obtain a receipt for a ticket previously paid?

To receive a receipt you must send the court a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

  1. I lost my ticket and don’t know how much it is. What should I do?

Please call the court immediately with your driver’s license number or plate number for a parking ticket so we can search our computer base.

  1. Can I make payment by credit card?

Yes, if you have access to the internet. You can log onto “” to make a payment electronically. You must have your ticket number and your license plate number available in order to utilize this system.