SPR-128, Konstantinos Bekas








FOR BLOCK 71 LOT 8 on the



WHEREAS, Konstantinos Bekas (the “Applicant”) has applied to the Planning Board of Maple Shade for Minor Site Plan Approval with variance relief for Block 71, Lot 8; and

WHEREAS, the Applicant previously submitted an application dated August 15, 2014 with detailed plans as set forth more fully in the review letter of Planning Board Engineer, Paul Cray, P.E., P.P., C.M.E., dated September 2, 2014; and

WHEREAS, the Applicant is now appearing before the Board to present Minor Site Plan with variance relief to expand the existing operation on the property; and

WHEREAS, the Applicant presented evidence to the Planning Board in the form of testimony on September 24, 2014. The Applicant was represented by Melanie Levan, Esquire, who provided the Board with a summary of the plan, stating that the Applicant is before the Board seeking approval of an expansion to the existing site with an addition of 2,300 square feet for warehouse and office space.  Ms. Levan presented Mr. Bekas to testify in support of the application.  Mr. Bekas testified that he operates a graphic design company for restaurants as well as direct mail operations.  Mr. Bekas testified that he has owned the property since 2005 and that the business has been successful, requiring expansion of the operation.  Mr. Bekas testified that they are proposing an office and warehouse addition and that the addition will require setback variance relief from the front yard requirements of forty(40) feet.  Mr. Bekas testified that he is seeking relief from drive aisle width, a pre-existing condition on the site, and relief from providing a loading area as it is unnecessary for the type of business he operates.  Ms. Levan next presented Mr. Dimitrios Armenakis, the Applicant’s architect, who testified that he submitted a response letter to Mr. Cray’s review letter of September 2, 2014 and that the Applicant agrees to comply with all requirements; and


WHEREAS the Board referred the matter to the Site Plan Review Committee chair who provided a full recommendation for the Site Plan and the variance relief, noting that the plan was thoughtful and the Applicant met all needs of the Board; and

WHEREAS the Board referred the matter to Paul Cray, Board Engineer, for comments and Mr. Cray expressed full support.  Mr. Cray noted that Mr. Armenakis had augmented the plans per his review letter and agreed to bolster landscaping on the site.  Mr. Cray noted that the Applicant further agreed to comply with the Engineer’s review letter of September 2, 2014 if they had not done so already or received relief regarding the same and as set forth more fully in testimony; and

WHEREAS, the meeting was opened to the public and no members of the public appeared to speak on the application; and

WHEREAS, the Board has heard the testimony presented on behalf of the Applicant and has made the following facts and conclusions of law:

  1. The Applicant is the owner of the property located at Block 71, Lo7 8.
  2. The Applicant has applied to the Planning Board of the Township of Maple Shade for minor site plan approval with variance relief to make certain site changes to the existing property.
  3. The taxes on the property are current.
  4. The Applicant has paid all required fees with regard to the Application.
  5. The Applicant has given all notice required by law.
  6. The Application is deemed complete and right for determination.
  7. The Board has jurisdiction over the Application.
  8. The Applicant has shown that the site plan is consistent with the Maple Shade Township Master Plan and the BD Zone.

            WHEREFORE, upon motion duly made by Ms. Porrini and seconded by Mr. Wells, the Planning Board voted to approve the application for Minor Site Plan Approval with variances. The conditions of approval are that the Applicant shall comply with all requirements set forth by the board engineer as set forth during the meeting and in his review letters incorporated herein to the extent that they have not already been complied with or relief granted for the same and that the Applicant must obtain any and all other required governmental approvals and permits.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, by the Planning Board of the Township of Maple Shade that the Applicant is granted Minor Site Plan approval variance relief for the application contingent upon representations as set forth more fully above and as set forth at the Planning Board meeting on September 24, 2014.



            I hereby certify that this foregoing Resolution is a true memorializing resolution, as adopted by the Planning Board of the Township of Maple Shade in accordance with its decision at its regular meeting on September 24, 2014.

Dated:  October 22, 2014

Motion to grant Minor Site Plan with variance relief was duly made by Ms. Porrini  and seconded by Mr. Wells:


Those Eligible to Vote                        Those in Favor            Those Opposed


Mayor Saporito                                               x

Mr. Fletcher                                                    x

Mr. Wells                                                        x

Mr. Bennett                                                     x

Mr. Layne                                                       x

Mr. Spinelli                                                     x

Mr. Wilt                                                          x

Ms. Porrini                                                      x

Chairman Dugan                                             x





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Chairman, Planning Board                                                 Rosemary Flaherty, Secretary

Township of Maple Shade                                                 Planning Board, Township

of Maple Shade