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Fire Official / Home Inspections

Tom Horner
New Jersey Division of Fire Safety
(609) 960-5273   *NEW contact as of October 13, 2021



An inspection is required by the State of New Jersey for a Certificate of Compliance for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors by the Township Fire Official.  

Please contact the Fire Official at the contact information above to schedule an appointment.

NOTE:  At this time, when a home is sold or rented, the construction office does NOT perform a new Certificate of Occupancy (CO) inspection


To obtain information regarding prior permits that have been issued for a property, a “request for public information” (Open Public Records Act – OPRA) form must be completed and submitted to the Township Clerk office.

The Property Maintenance ordinance for the Township is Chapter 152.

Maple Shade Fire Department

Office of the Fire Official

The New Jersey Fire Code requires that whenever a home is being sold, or a rental unit changes occupant, that a Certificate of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Compliance be obtained from the local fire code enforcing agency, which in Maple Shade is the Maple Shade Fire Official. 

The following requirements must be met before a certificate can be issued:


  • If battery powered, they must be 10-year sealed lithium battery units.
  • Cannot be older than 10 years from the manufacturer date.
  • Must be present on each level of the premises.
  • Must be present outside each sleeping area.
  • If AC powered smoke alarms were installed in the premises, they must be operational on AC power with battery backup and cannot be replaced by battery operated units.


  • Must be installed if fuel burning devices are present in the premises or if there is an attached garage.
  • Must be present in the immediate vicinity of all sleeping areas.
  • May be battery operated, hard wired, or plugged in and must be listed in accordance with UL 2034.


  • Must be installed within 10-feet of the kitchen and in the path of egress.
  • Must have a minimum rating of 2A-10B:C and weigh no more than 10-pounds.
  • The extinguisher must be readily accessible and not obstructed from view.
  • Must be mounted using the manufacturers hanging bracket.
  • The top of the extinguisher cannot be greater than 5-feet above the floor.
  • Operating instructions must be clearly visible.
  • The owner’s manual or written operation instructions must be present during the inspection and left for the new occupant.
  • The extinguisher must have an inspection tag from a New Jersey Division of Fire Safety certified contractor within the past 12 months or a receipt for the purchase not more than 12 months old
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